is a collection of  999 programmatically, randomly
generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain

BabySkulls Runner

We're bringing the cuteness of Baby Skulls to yous screens!
Brace yourselves for a gaming experience that promises rewards,
surprises, and a whole lot of kawaii fun. Get ready to dice into this enchanting journey

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About The Collection

BabySkullsNFT is an NFT collection of over 999 cute or kawaii skulls with very adorable rarity traits like hats, bodies, accessories, wings, tails, halos, and backgrounds. Our BabySkullsNFT are inspired in the Japanese Kawaii subculture, and Mexican sugar skulls.

Each of our BabySkullsNFT is a NFT stored at the Ethereum Blockchain.

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The Specs

Each BabySkull is unique and programatically generated. The smart contract automatically increases 1% on each purchase meaning that each time a babyskull is created the price increases by 1% and so on cumulatively. Our BabySkulls include 3 main bodies and a selection of more than 120 accessories. We also included very rare items which are harder to mint and the value will depend on their scarcity and exclusivity. Within our rare items we have the “Rainbow” items, which are the rarest (1 in 100).

How where BabySkulls Discovered?

It is said that dreaming of a BabySkull is a sign of good luck, however, not everyone can dream of them, one in a thousand people can remember that they dreamed of a BabySkull.

The BabySkulls are little skulls that live in people's dreams, in a world called Skulandia, a magical place full of clouds where the BabySkulls live happily, each one with their job as a BabySkull citizen.

One day a human enters a dream-nightmare where he manages to enter Skulandia but cannot leave, being trapped in a deep sleep and at the same time, inside the BabySkull world. When the BabySkulls see a human for the first time, they fear for their lives and lock him up in a dungeon. The user in his affliction remembers that he has a Daruma amulet in his pocket, which he places on the window of his jail to ask him every day to help him, until one day the BabySkull priest sees him, who remembers having seen that Daruma amulet in one of his dreams, interpreting it as a premonition, where he assumes that the user must be sent to earth to fulfill his "skuliana" mission, without knowing what it is yet.

The BabySkull patriarch decides to free the person from jail, and together with the BabySkulls, teaches him their language and culture and helps him return to earth, building a Daruma spaceship for the return trip.

Before leaving, the user and the BabySkulls become very fond of each other and this magical union allows him to have a vision while waking up from his dream, that he is not the only one who can dream of the BabySkulls and that his mission is to search the land those 1000 more users who can dream of him to be able to return to Skulandia and enjoy his adventures with his new friends.

The connection that these 1000 users have with the BabySkulls is such that the BabSkulls can visit the Earth in the dreams of humans, knowing fantastic worlds created only in the mind.

Welcome to the Club

what you get...


Additional benefits like exclusive deals with partnership brands

Intellectual Property Ownership

And commercial usage rights given to the consumer over their NFT’s

Voting, Governance &

The future of the club is in your hands coming with token distribution

Meet Ups

Real time meet ups and parties with members of the club

$BONE Tokens

Airdrop of tokens each time a new Baby Skull is minted


We are working on a metaverse of the world of Baby Skulls.

The Roadmap

Pre-launch Phase:

  • Building Web3 minting website
  • Pre-launch Giveaways Creation of Community WalletArt contest
  • Creation of Community Wallet
  • Art contest

Launch Phase:

  • Collection Launch
  • Giveaways and Promotions
  • Community Wallet funding: A percentage of the royalties earned in the secondary market will go directly to our community wallet.

Growth Phase:

  • Collection awareness with partnerships and collaborations
  • Derivative Drops
  • Derivative Art contest
  • Physical Store: Be able to carry your nft around and show it to your friends. Wearable art, accessories, etc. Shipping everywhere :)
  • IRL (in-real-life) events and parties in main cities around the globe
  • Diversification to other Blockchains
  • Diversification to other media platforms.

All About Bone Tokens

The best is yet to come...

About the Tokens

Every time a BabySkull is minted, the token contract will release 1000 tokens that will be distributed among the existing BabySkulls, so the idea is that all holders can have tokens regardless of what number of BabySkulls they mint, for example if a holder has BabySkull #15 and we are going for number 200 he will be able to make a claim from number #200 to number #15.

In addition, 10% of the second market (what moves in OpenSea) will also be allocated to the token contract, in addition to what is previously calculated, this is also the price of what is sold or marketed in the second market. With the aim of always strengthening the Token bone.


The Creators

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We are a development and digital marketing agency based in Guatemala, offering digital services with more than ten years of experience. We are eDesigns Company! Independently from your location, we can help you manage your digital platforms.

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TOKEBI, an international renowned digital artist and illustrator, known for the use of skulls and retro psychedelic colors with kitsch aesthetics. My psychedelic skull designs and skull characters have traveled the world, and are very popular in the music industry, working with worldwide renowned artist like Grammy winner Mastodon, John Jigg$, CalciumDubs, Hong Kong Violence, among others.

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