About baby Skulls

Baby Skulls is an NFT collection of over 999 cute or kawaii skulls with very adorable rarity traits like hats, bodies, accessories, wings, tails, halos, and backgrounds. Our Baby Skulls are inspired in the Japanese Kawaii subculture, and Mexican sugar skulls. 

Did we tell you our first 100 Baby Skulls Collection is free?
Yeah! Our first 100 baby skulls are totally free! You only need to pay the minting costs!

Each of our Baby Skulls is a NFT stored at the Ethereum Blockchain but we’re planning to expand our NFT collection to other blockchains.

Get to know the collection

Our Baby Skulls include 3 main bodies and a selection of more than 120 accessories. We also included very rare items which are harder to mint and the value will depend on their scarcity and exclusivity.
Within our rare items we have the “Rainbow” items, which are the rarest (1 in 100).


meet the team



15 years of experience in the web industry and blockchain guru. 


co-founder/blockchain mastermind

10 years of experience in the coding and web industry. 


lead artist & senior advisor

Illustrator with 15 years experience, mostly known in the music and the nft  industry. 


experienced front-end designer & project Manager

Very Experienced front-end designer & Project Manager.


Front-end developer & ux/ui expert

5 years of experience in the web industry

The roadmap


pre-launch phase:

  • Building Web3 minting website. 
  • Join Whitelist
  • Free just for the first 100 items. Just pay the minting gas fee.
  • Pre-launch Giveaways 

launch phase:

  • Collection Launch.
  • Pricing ladder 1% over the last sale.
  • Giveaways and Promotions (Free beer for all our holders at any event we call).

growth phase:

  • Collection awareness with partnerships and collaborations
  • Art contest
  • Derivative Drops
  • Derivative Art contest
  • Physical Store: Be able to carry your nft around and show it to your friends. Wearable art, accessories, etc. Shipping everywhere :)
  • IRL (in-real-life) events and parties in main cities around the globe.
  • Diversification to other Blockchains. 
  • Diversification to other media platforms. 
  • Creation of Community Wallet
  • Community Wallet funding: A percentage of the royalties earned in the secondary market will go directly to our community wallet. 

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